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Vol 8.9   
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Photo by Chris Rowley
Courts Decide Dam Owners' Dispute By Finding That It Actually Belongs To New York City

NAPANOCH – A February 19 decision handed down by a 4-0 unanimous majority of the Appellate Court has ended a multi-year nightmare for the two families that own the property on either side of the dam at Honk Lake. Whereas the state Department of Environmental Conservation had maintained that they jointly owned the dam and were responsible for its maintenance or removal, the court found otherwise. Indeed, the state's top justices found that the dam and the property beneath it all belongs to New York City.   > MORE

Wawarsing/Ellenville Reels From First New Assessments In Eons
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Educational Battlelines...
ECSD Threatens Big Cuts If Cuomo Keeps Withholding Aid $$
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Keeping Our Family Farms Farming
RVGA Meetings Focus On Economics & Family Succession
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Nevele Back With Their Own 'Plan B'
A $100 Million Sportsplex With VLTs As Added Draw
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Million Dollar Ideas...
Martin Rabkin's Master Plan For Community Building
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Believes It Is Giuliani Who Is Unpatriotic - Why We Are Boycotting School Testing - Consumer Beware Of False Herbal Medicines - Hein's Rail Trail Ideal Is Visionary! - Hein Right To Veto Parete's Propane Plan? - Stop Squabbling & Fight ISIS! - The Time To Protect Small Farms Is Now!
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A Big Week... Despite Weird News We Will Never Be Chicken Littles Here
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