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The New York State Assembly, seen here, will be meeting alongside the state Senate several days a week up until the budget date of April 1, hammering out a spending plan that hopes to please all areas of the state, including taxpayers worried about their own wallets. Courtesy photo
What's The State Looking At In Our Area?
Local Legislators Talk About THEIR Budget Priorities

REGIONAL – This year's New York State budget runs to $152.3 billion, which shows an increase of $5 billion on last year's spending plan. When you include certain federal aid numbers it gets up to $162.2 billion.   > MORE

Game Changers?
A Look At The Big Projects Eyed For The Stone Ridge Area
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Buyouts Silence
Town Board Rejects Distel's Cost Savings
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Ellenville's Chamber A Key Player
EWCOC Accomplishments Keep Growing...
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Planning Board Joins Town's Lawsuit
Mamakating All In To Rescind Bloomingburg Permits
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We Want To Talk With Rep. Faso... Why It's So Important That Friday's Town Hall Happens
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Our Mistake... Not Intentional 'Fake News' - Tribute To A Community - We Need To Demand The Truth - Democrats Need To Learn Respect! - We Gave Him A Chance - Plausible Deniability? - I've Paid For My Social Security And Medicare - Free Mike Hein's Ulster Staffers? - A Call To Hold Our Congressman To Task! - This Immigrant's Story Is Ours - We ALL Have Freedom Of Speech!
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Getting Personal
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