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Vol 8.41   
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Town budgets started their countdown last week and continue with public hearings and input towards a November 20 final deadline. Courtesy image
It's Budget Season Again...
County Proposals In As Towns Grapple With New Tax Cap

REGIONAL – It's budget time. That may end up meaning standoffs and shutdowns on a federal level, or all-night suspenseful sessions up in Albany, but here in our readership area it's the key set of decisions we elect town boards for... even with restricting mandated tax caps now in place.

The process started in recent weeks and builds to public hearings on proposed spending plans in the coming weeks, the creation of a preliminary budget for final review, and passage in the weeks just following the upcoming November 3 election.   > MORE

Food Pantry Move May Be Cooking...
Fire Dept. Concerns & School Speed Discussed
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Bad Baggage
Wawarsing Building Department Could Be Brewing Lawsuits
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Us Vs Them Redux...
Reconsidering Columbus Day & The Lenape 'Indians' As 'Indigenous Peoples' Day' Starts To Gain Ground
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Eastern Prison Team Beats Harvard Univ. In College Debate
Are We Ready To Manage The Chaos? Our Community Needs To Come Up With Plans
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Save The Farms In Your Community! - Many Thanks For The Jenny Bell Pie Fest - It's Not Black and White - The GOP Keeps Obstructing Government - Help Available For Small Claims - Why Did Half Our Congress Ignore The Iran Deal? - VW's Apologies Do Not Feel Sincere - Believes Rural Culture Is In The Crosshairs - Local Efforts Regarding Global Warming - Harvest Hoedown Was A Big RVGA Success!
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Gun Culture: Time To Talk Facts, Look To Real Safety & Deal With All Our Complex Issues Equally
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