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THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 2017   
Vol 10.33   
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What will our increasingly diverse student body need to move forward? It's all part of new efforts to expand educational policies in rural areas like ours. Courtesy photo
Preparing Our Students For A Changing Century
Sharing To Achieve "Quasi" Magnet Schools

REGIONAL – A new report from the Benjamin Center at SUNY New Paltz examines the possibilities of establishing "quasi-magnet" schools in Ulster County: high schools that develop a special strength in one or other subject areas to offer deeper course work and advanced placement courses to students in surrounding districts. This could be, the report surmises, a way to expand regional course offerings and enable gifted students to thrive while making do with a fairly grim fiscal future for education in our area.   > MORE

Home-Bred Cops!
Ellenville Praises Its Police Force's Local Roots During Promotions
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Setting Priorities
Pre-K Expansion, Energy Savings & Future Infrastructure Projects
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All That Comes With Natural Horsemanship
Flying Change Farm Looks Toward Animal Logic
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What Rochester's Airbnb Regulations Mean: The Town Is Seeking To PROTECT Its Tourism
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Climate Change IS Serious Business - NIMBY IS In Our Backyards - New Vision Is What Mall Needs - Tell Trump We're Not Going Anywhere - Enablers of Charlottesville Nazi Demonstration - Band-Aids Don't Fix The Problem
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Moving Forward: The President Is Wrong
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