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An informational meeting this week on the referendum vote on dissolving the Village of Bloomingburg into the Town of Mamakating, which takes place in the village hall from 12 noon to 9 p.m. next Tuesday, September 30, was attended largely by officials, lawyers, and a sparse number of town and village residents. Photo by Chris Rowley
Time To Dissolve Bloomingburg?
Clashing Reports Precede Village Referendum

BLOOMINGBURG – The Mamakating Town Hall drew a modest crowd for the meeting held to explain the mechanism and background for the voter-initiated dissolution referendum that will be held in Bloomingburg on Tuesday, September 30. A report by the Laberge engineering/architectural group from Albany was presented and most comments were devoted to how pleasant a place Bloomingburg and the area is... or used to be.   > MORE

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Catching The Next Energy Wave
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The Latest In New York's Municipal Sports...
Color-Coded Boosterist Battles At The Casino Hearings!
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Ellenville Blasting Is No Big Deal! - War Always Has Tragic Consequences - Proposing Some Radical Game Changers - We Forget The Price Of Involvement - CO2's Effects Are Greatly Exaggerated - Shadowland's Latest Play A New Classic! - Angered by Bethel Woods' Insensitivity - Many Thanks To Thomas The Tank Engine
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The Sporting Life: An Explanation & A Major New Exploration
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