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Calling All Job Seekers & Contractors!
The New Casino Turns To Ellenville For Help

THOMPSON – At the Ellenville Wawarsing Chamber of Commerce meeting held at Aroma Thyme on June 17, Empire Resorts executive vice president Charles Degliomini gave a presentation concerning the Montreign Casino and eventual Adelaar resort complex.

Looking past the glittering eighteen stories of the projected hotel above the casino and attendant restaurants, shopping and other retail areas — as well as such big numbers as the $1.2 billion projected cost of it all, Degliomini made a point of discussing various construction opportunities for the surrounding region, chief among them being jobs.

Degliomini said that Montreign will seek to hire locally as much as possible, a critical issue for zones with high unemployment such as Sullivan County... and the Ellenville/Wawarsing area.

"We will be working with SUNY Sullivan, Orange County Community College and SUNY Ulster on a coordinated community college training program," he said. "One of the major advantages of a community college is its ability to respond directly to an industry's needs. Our collaboration with our Mid-Hudson SUNY community colleges is a prime example of this and will result in customized instruction specifically related to the many types of jobs within a casino and resort. We will be extremely pleased to partner with our SUNY regional community colleges as we look to develop a highly-skilled workforce that will directly contribute to the economic re-development of the Mid-Hudson region."

Taking it down to high school graduate levels, Mr. Degiormini added, "We're not sure we will necessarily be recruiting out of high school, but those high school grads that do come to us will need basic communications, technical and life skills. We are working with the workforce development officials in the Mid-Hudson to provide these skills."

Then there are older workers.

"Certain customer service positions may lend themselves to older or retired workers," Degliomini said. "It is always good to find experienced men and women who can contribute a lot to any job that they qualify for."

Indeed, retired persons — if they have the right skills — will also be welcome. There's a long list of jobs (see below) that will need to be filled.

"Montreign will provide many good-paying jobs that will require a minimum of a high school diploma, or GED. Job opportunities with advanced skill requirements will call for more formal education and experience. We will be doing a job fair in Ellenville and Ulster County as we get closer," he added, stressing the entity's openness to all ideas. "Really, any construction contractor or supplier should contact us, and some professional services possible also."

Hiring also has to fall within a thirty percent MWV (minorities, women and veterans) profile, per the state's permitting rules for casinos, which the entity is still working through to formally receive their permits and build the new casino within the coming two years (less, now).

Empire Resorts can be contacted at 807-0001.

Among the jobs that Montreign is looking to fill are: casino operations, director of casino accounting, surveillance, surveillance supervisor, surveillance shift manager, slot service attendants, slot technical maintenance/repair, slot supervisor, slot shift manager, executive director of slot operations, poker dealer, poker supervisor, poker shift manager, poker director, tables dealer/operator, tables supervisor, tables games shift manager, executive director of table games, casino cashiering, casino credit clerks, count room clerk, count room supervisor, food and beverage operations, bus person, backer/stocker, bartender, beverage server, bar porter, director of beverages, greeter, food server, food and beverage shift manager, food and beverage supervisor, banquet manager, banquet beverage, banquet server, cafeteria worker, uniforms attendant, butler, cook, director of room service, room service supervisor, sous chef, beverage steward, steward supervisor, executive chef, casino administration, administrative professionals, executive director of human resources, human resources supervisor, director of employee relations, director of personnel, housekeeper, housekeeping supervisor, housekeeping/public areas shift manager, director hotel operations, front desk, front desk supervisor, bell service, valet attendant, valet supervisor, valet cashier, massage therapist, spa attendant, spa supervisor, lifeguard, health club attendant, health club supervisor, groundskeeper, plumber, painter, electrician, carpenter, HVAC, facilities supervisor, facilities shift manager, security supervisor, security shift manager, retail worker, convention services, marketing professionals, director of public relations, director of marketing operations, director of advertising, director of database marketing, player host, player development executive, executive director of player development, reservation representative/telemarketing, bus greeter, accountant, accounting clerk, director of hotel accounting, director of financial reporting, director of financial analysis, hotel/food and beverage cashier, casino accounting, controller, casino controller, internal auditor, executive director internal audit, director IT, computer operator and IT technician.

Got all that?

Good luck!

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